Ancestors of Rachel Sylvia Selby and Sara Elizabeth Selby CONWAY

Fifth Generation

16. Solomon COHEN "Sidney" was born 3 Oct 1900 in 97 Cannon Street Road, London. He died 15 Jul 1984 in London and was buried in Willesden. Sidney married Bessie SIMONS on 5 May 1924 in Portman Rooms, Baker Street, London. [Parents]

17. Bessie SIMONS was born 14 Aug 1899 in 84 Brick Lane, London. She died 9 Jan 1981 in London and was buried 11 Jan 1981 in Willesden MB 831. [Parents]


18. Meyer POLOFSKY>POLATCHIK>POLLARD "Harry" was born 13 Feb 1898 in 2 Easington Buildings, Whitechapel. He died 27 Dec 1988 in London and was buried in Bushey. Harry married Freda (Fanny) GENDLER on 22 Aug 1926 in Poltava Synagogue, Spital Square. [Parents]

19. Freda (Fanny) GENDLER was born about 1903 in Kishinev, Russia (now Cisinau, Moldova). She died 12 Nov 1974 in London and was buried in Bushey. [Parents]


20. Markus BÜCHLER was born about 1875. He died 2 May 1942 in Sahy, Hungary (now Slovakia) from cardiac arrest and was buried in Sahy, Hungary (now Slovakia). Markus married Anna BLUM. [Parents]

21. Anna BLUM was born 28 Feb 1873 in Foro, Hungary. She died 15 Jun 1944 in Auschwitz. [Parents]


22. Alfred Nelson DAVISON was born 1887 in Liverpool, UK. He died 22 Mar 1941 in Southend General Hospital. Alfred married Ada Elizabeth Webster DAHL on 15 Apr 1922 in Christ Church, Leigh-on-Sea. [Parents]

23. Ada Elizabeth Webster DAHL "Bessie" was born 25 Dec 1890 in 213 W. 40th St., Manhattan, New York, USA. She died 1985. [Parents]


24. Israel ZOLNA>SOLOMON was born in Gabin, Poland. He died 3 Oct 1942. Israel married Esther KUKURYDZA>GILBERT about 1899 in Poland.

25. Esther KUKURYDZA>GILBERT was born 1861 (?) in Gabin, Poland. She died 1945 in England. [Parents]


26. Herschel LILIE>MILLER "Harris" was born 1867 in Poland. He died 12 Sep 1934 in 33 Christchurch Avenue, Willesden, London. Harris married Rachel GOLDSTEIN.

27. Rachel GOLDSTEIN was born about 1870 in Warsaw, Poland. She died 1950. [Parents]


28. Simeon HART "/ephraim///" was born 5 Jul 1877 in 47 Longfellow Road, Mile End. He died 19 Oct 1952 and was buried 22 Oct 1952 in Willesden DX 15 30. /ephraim/// married Elizabeth SAMUELS. [Parents]

29. Elizabeth SAMUELS "Lily" was born 21 Jul 1879 in Poplar, Bow, London. She died Mar 1945 and was buried 14 Mar 1945 in Willesden DX 15 31. [Parents]


30. (Isaac) Frederick SAMUELS>SANDELL "Fred" was born 1877 in Limehouse, London. He died in Canada. Fred married Harriet ADLER on 21 Mar 1906 in Stoke 'Newington Synagogue, London. [Parents]

31. Harriet ADLER was born 28 Jun 1880 in 3, Wellclose Square, London. She died in Canada. [Parents]


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